Letter to San Jose City Staff regarding the Traffic Light Situation and History
June 19, 2009

Our neighborhood has been dealing with the BAREC project for many years.  However, a component of the proposed development of the land is the removal of a traffic light at Forest Ave (west) and Winchester.  This effectively eliminates access to Winchester from the North of Forest neighborhood as well as access to the neighborhood from Winchester.  Other cut through access points need to be utilized.

The nine page letter below has been sent to Mayor Reed and Richard Doyle.  It has 17 referenced exhibits. All of them are available below. Here is a list of some of the people we met with.

Letter to Mayor Reed and Richard Doyle
Exhibit A - Timm Borden Emails from February 1-14, 2008
Exhibit B - Public Records Act Request - June 2008
Exhibit C - Public Records Act Request on Traffic Study - November 2008
Exhibit D - Public Records Act Request on Traffic Study (2) - November 2008
Exhibit E - Kathi Forman Emails from December 12-18, 2008
Exhibit F - Presentation of alternative solution to Councilmember Oliverio on February 12, 2009
Exhibit G - Excerpt from Final Environmental Report regarding San Jose issue - March 26, 2007
Exhibit H - Sample of signed neighborhood petition showing support against the removal of traffic light
Exhibit I - Excerpts of emails sent to San Jose city offices objecting to traffic signal modification
Exhibit J - Emails between Katy Allen and Kirk Vartan from July 28-31, 2008
Exhibit K - SJ Rules Committee August 20, 2008 - Staff statement (Katy Allen)
Exhibit L - Emails between Allen, Vartan, and Doyle (Yeager's Aide) - July 2008
Exhibit M - SJ Rules Committee September 10, 2008 - minutes of the meeting
Exhibit N - Kirk Vartan statement (never read) for the September 10, 2008 SJ Rules Committee meeting
Exhibit O - SJ Rules Committee September 10, 2008 - Agenda with statement from Katy Allen
Exhibit P - Letter to community from Councilmember Oliverio - October 20, 2008
Exhibit Q - Letter to Kirk Vartan from Katy Allen denying alternative solution - May 5, 2009

Please feel free to contact us at:info@NorthOfForest.org