BAREC Cleanup and Safety Concerns

Here is the presentation given by Kirk Vartan at the Santa Clara Council Meeting on May 11, 2010. The two videos associated with the presentation are here: Slide 3 and Slice 12. You can also video the live video of it here on the Santa Clara web site. Scroll down to item 8A and click on it. The video will start.

Here is the agenda and the written petition Kirk Vartan made.

Original DGS mailer - received Thursday, April 15, 2010 for an April 19, 2010 start date

San Jose Mercury News article - April 20, 2010

San Jose Business Journal article - April 20, 2010

Revised DGS letter and toxic map of the site received April 25, 2010 (with four new hot spots that existed 18 months earlier but were not present on the flier ten days earlier)

Letter from Karen Toth of the DTSC (April 23, 2010) in response to letters from concerned residents, neighbors, and the public. Many questions/issues were not answered directly or simply not addressed.

Contact information for people involved:

Karen Toth, DTSC Unit Chief
(510) 540-3834

Richard Perry, DTSC Public Participation Specialist
(510) 540-3910

David Perry, DGS Project Manager
(916) 375-4907

See other images here.

For additional information or comments, please email: